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mrs. ross lynch wrote, “Hey blog girl! So lately ive been feeling trapped. I keep telling my parents that i wanna be a singer/actress but they dont want me to be! They keep sayin that they dont want the “fame life” for me but i dont care i REALLY want it!!! I love to entertain and i love music! How do i let out my feelings and convince them that i really want it so they can support me?”

Hey mrs. ross lynch! That’s great that you know what you love to do already! If you love music, you don’t necessarily have to decide right this moment to become a professional singer. You have a long time to just explore and have fun with music first! Talk to your parents and let them know that you are open to any career path later on, but for now – ask if you can start voice lessons or buy a guitar, just for fun! As time goes on, your parents may see just how much you truly love what you do. As of right now, they probably are just worried that you’re rushing into a career choice. Give them time to see for themselves how much you mean it, by showing them how dedicated you can be!

JMJswaggin wrote, “I’ve been dating my boyfriend for about 3 months now and it’s going good. I like him soooooooo much and he liked me a lot too. One problem I am having, however, is people tease me about liking him because hes not the “coolest” guy in the world. They also tease me because I’m rather tall and he’s kind of short. I admit he’s not every girl’s dream guy, but love him. What should I do the next time these people ask me things like “Why do you like him”, or say “ew but he’s so ugly” or “but you’re WAY taller than him” ??”

Hey JMJswaggin! First of all, it’s awesome that you like your boyfriend for who he is and that you aren’t influenced by your friends’ comments. Good for you! Your friends shouldn’t be making mean comments about his appearance to begin with – but since they do, try giving them a reason to stop themselves. Next time you hang out with your friends, bring your boyfriend along too. The more time they spend around him, the more your friends can start to see everything you like about your boyfriend: whether it’s his funny jokes or caring personality. Who knows – they might even become fast friends with him as well! If they all end up getting along, I guarantee your friends won’t even remember the height difference after a while. And if they don’t end up getting along with him – the next time your friends make a mean comment, just laugh it off and say, “Oh well, I’m the one dating him – not you!”

JJ wrote, “I spent the night at my BFF’s house and when she left the room I looked through her yearbooks and in every one of them next to my picture she wrote hate her. What should I do????”

Hi JJ! I’m so sorry that your BFF wrote those things about you! It may hurt, but you’ll never know what she meant if you don’t ask her about it upfront. When you do bring it up though, make sure not to start out too confrontational. Say something like, “Hey, what did you mean when you wrote ‘Hate her’ next to my pictures in your yearbook? Was that just to be funny, or did I do something to make you angry?” Give her a chance to explain. Hopefully it was just a joke or a misunderstanding, but if it wasn’t – ask her to be honest with you about why she’s mad at you. Maybe the problem is something fixable, or something that you weren’t even aware of! When it’s out in the open, you and your friend can talk it through and maybe end up with an even stronger friendship.  But if she really did just write those things to be mean – it might be time to start hanging out with another BFF.

1dlove wrote, “Hi I’m having a sweetheart dance for valentines day at my base youth center and I really want to go but I don’t have a date and I’m the only one going without Someone. Even the younger kids have dates and I’m really embarrassed because ive never had a boyfriend and I’m in the 7th grade and all my friends have. I would hang out with my friends at the dance but they all have dates and whenever their together they act like I’m not there. I try to tell them how I feel but it never helps. also I’m not sure if I’m allowed to date but its too weird and uncomfortable to just ask them. HELP!!!!!!”

Hi 1dlove! Valentine’s Day can definitely be tricky for single people. But think hard – there has to be ONE other guy you know who also doesn’t have a date to the Sweetheart Dance! Chances are, they probably want someone to go with too… maybe not even as a date. You can be perfectly honest with him and ask, “Can you go with me to the dance so I don’t feel lonely when our couple-friends ditch us? We can hang out and eat Cheetos or something while they dance!” That way, neither he nor you will feel pressure to think of it as a “date.” And if you don’t want to ask a guy, you can always bring another single girl friend along and have fun with!

Makala wrote, “Dear blog girl, I have a crush on a guy online and he’s really nice but I don’t know what to do and I don’t want to share to much personal info like my where abouts. what do I do?!”

Hi Makala! You are definitely right to feel nervous about sharing too much personal info – especially over the Internet, where people might not always be who they say they are. If you have online friendships, it’s important to remember not to share personal details about your life. For example, you can share a funny story with him about something your new puppy did, but you don’t have to say where you got the puppy or the name of the person who gave you the puppy. And really, you should check with a parent about their policy on your online friendships. It might seem crazy strict, but your parents have rules that are meant to keep you safe. At the same time, keep an eye out for guys you interact with in real life too, such as in school or a sports team. Start a conversation with the boy behind you in math class… who knows? Maybe he’ll turn out to be just as nice and cool as the guy you liked online – and you can actually hang out with this one in person!