[credit]Brendon Thorne/Getty Images[/credit]

Justin Bieber is one step closer to being crowned Official King of the Internet. The only thing stopping him is probably that such a title does not exist. Justin is one of the most-followed stars online and he even launched his whole mega-star career with a YouTube channel. One place the Biebs has always been No. 2, though, is Twitter. Until today, that is.

Lady Gaga has long been the most-followed tweeter on the planet, thanks to her amazing Little Monsters. Today, the Beliebers de-throwned Gaga, launching Justin to the coveted No. 1 spot. As of the moment we’re writing this blog (these numbers will change in like a millisecond), Justin has 33,342,723 followers and Lady G has 33,336,355. Congratulations, Justin!

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