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January 22, 2013

March 2013 Tiger Beat is on stands 1/22/13 – 2/26/13


Bella Thorne spills her most personal boy advice – ONLY in March Tiger Beat!

Selena explains why she’ll never EVER leave her true fans behind – ONLY in March Tiger Beat

Justin‘s family gets personal! What was Justin like as a kid? What’s his craziest hidden taken? His family is spilling EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted to know about the pop star in March Tiger Beat

Ross tells all about his secret romantic side – ONLY in March Tiger Beat

Big Time Rush take you inside their best Valentine’s dates every ONLY in March Tiger Beat!


– WIN a One Direction alarm clock! 10 will win!
– WIN Bella’s cute signed notebook!
– WIN a Candy Heart Prize Pack! Includes 2 shirts, a totebag, Valentine’s Day briefs and pajamas!
– WIN a chunky statement necklace!
– WIN a trendy knit beanie!
– WIN Victoria’s sparkly gray pants!
– WIN lipgloss blowout! Win 12 gorgeous Glossaholic lipglosses!
– WIN Hotel Transylvania on Blu-Ray/DVD!
– WIN Valentine’s Day prizes! Like…
– a slap watch covered in hearts!
– a pair of pink sweats and comfy heart top!
– sweetheart candy jewelry!
– a pink knit sweater!
– a mujus.com magenta ring, bracelet and keychain!
– a ring and 2 bracelets from besobeso by Luka!
– a silver “love” necklace!
– Couture La La perfume! 5 readers will win!
– Pretty pink sparkly nail polish from Nicole by OPI!
– Mama Kadar makeup for flawless skin, rosy cheeks and pink lips!
– a pair of pink etnies Venus shoes signed by Daniella Monet!
– a heartbreaker sweatshirt signed by Booboo Stewart!

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  1. Jess says:

    Wow! I think (know) that everyone wants to win the ONE DIRECTION ALARM CLOCK! Can’t wait!!!!

  2. JJ says:

    First comment! but i have a subscription and i didn’t get this magazine yet

  3. shelby says:

    OMG! cant wait to read this!

  4. Lauren says:

    JJ don’t worry i didn’t get mine yet either!! if you don’t get it soon just contact Tiger Beat.

  5. Rebecca says:

    ??? But this is MARCH Tiger Beat. When you subscribe, you get them before the month has even started???

  6. Laurengirlsrock says:

    Can’t Wait Till I See It In The Shops

  7. Serenity says:

    Usaully I just look at it online instead of buying whats the point if it’s online for you?

  8. Leighanne says:

    OMG!!!!! I seen these in stores, and once I looked at the posters and stuff I wanted it sooooooo bad! I hope I get it soon! :) I LOVE THE POSTERS IN THIS MAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  9. fluffy_monster says:

    omg i cant wait to see it ._____.

  10. xLiyah_318 says:

    HOW DO I GET THE STUFF DX like the alarm! idk how to enter the contests ): someone please tell me. do I have to have a subscription?

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