Emblem3 might not have won The X Factor, but hey, that didn’t stop One Direction from blowing up. Emblem3 are already on their way to post-X Factor super stardom: They just signed a recording deal with Syco Music and Columbia Records to release their debut album in 2013!

In case you haven’t heard of Emblem3 yet, the band is made up of brothers Wesley and Keaton Stromberg and their lifelong friend Drew Chadwick. The stole the show on the X Factor when they auditioned with an original song.

“With our new teammates at Columbia and Syco and along with Savan, I hope we can not only produce some empowering tunes, but also impact other people in a positive way and maybe help brighten things up a bit. Music is all we`ve ever wanted to do – and this is what we love to do,” Wesley said. “Simon Cowell was an excellent mentor and we were proud to have him as ours. We hope to keep a good relationship alive with him not only as business partners but as friends.”

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