Kickin’ It star Leo Howard is shaking it up this weekend with a guest starring role on Shake It Up. Leo will play Logan, the super-strict manager of Bob’s Kabob’s, where Rocky and CeCe get part time jobs. When CeCe doesn’t pull her weight and gets fired, she’s, well not happy about. We have a special EXCLUSIVE clip from the episode of CeCe ranting about the job – just as Logan shows up at her door.

We even caught up to Leo for some behind-the-scenes dish about what it’s really like working on the SIU set with B&Z. “A little hint of how it was working with Bella & Zendaya on set?” he spilled. “We had a HUGE prank war and it’s sad to say but I failed miserably. Bella and Zendaya were much better at this than I was. They managed to cover my desk, floor to ceiling, with hundreds of 8X10 photos of themselves…you couldn’t see one inch of the desk. The kicker? Each photo was different.”

Are you going to tune in for the episode, “Oh Brother It Up,” when it premieres THIS Sunday, January 13 at 8:30 p.m., ET/PT on Disney Channel?