A fashion essential is something every girl should have in her closet, that will never go out of style! Every week, we’ll be featuring one article of clothing, along with some examples of how to rock it.

This week’s essential? Earrings

Why You Need Them in Your Closet:
These accessories are definitely a must-have for your wardrobe. They can be a great accent to your hair or the colors of your outfit, and sometimes your ears just happen to be a great point of your ensemble for making a statement! Whether they’re dangly pieces or studs, it’s not hard to find the right earrings that you can wear everyday or are bold enough to show off at a formal occasion. However, if getting your ears pierced scares you a little, there are also plenty cute clip-ons out there as well.

Three Ways to Rock It:

1. Stefanie Scott

[credit]Getty Images[/credit]

Stefanie‘s look is super girly- just check out her dark pink dress and her cute curly locks! She chose the perfect bold, flower-shaped dangly earrings to match the gorgeous fabric roses embellishing her collar. Not to mention their gold color complements her blonde hair so well.

2. Caroline Sunshine

[credit]Getty Images[/credit]

Caroline Sunshine brings a pop of color to her black and white ensemble by wearing bright turquoise feather earrings. These trendy pieces work great for both formal and casual outfits. She’s also totally pulling off those feather extensions in her hair!

3. Nina Dobrev

[credit]Getty Images[/credit]

Nina is so gorgeous that she can make the simplest outfit look totally sophisticated. At the Perks of Being a Wallflower premiere, she toned down on her accessories when wearing her standout red dress. We love how her hair is pulled back into an elegant up-do to reveal those white glittering studs.

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