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Get Tiger Beat on Your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch – Here’s How!

January 15, 2013

Big news, Tiger Beat readers! The magazine is now available to take with you EVERYWHERE you go. That’s right, we’ve gone mobile. You can still pick up Tiger Beat at the store, but now there’s an ADDED way to enjoy it: on your iPad, iPhone or iPhone Touch! Each issue comes with the exact same stories you see in the magazines, and it also includes bonus pictures, video, interactive quizzes and more. How do you get Tiger Beat for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? First, go to the Apple Newsstand and download the free App — here’s the link: http://bit.ly/XYhbmj or you can search for “Tiger Beat.” Download the App for free, and then you are able to buy the issues! Only for $2.99 for a single issue and $19.99 for a subscriptions (that’s 11 issues). Once you have the App, you will be notified every time a new issue comes out.

Check it out and then tell us what you think!

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  1. Leahlove101 says:

    I don’t really care about all these contests and stuff

  2. bob says:


  3. bob says:

    You are a very big fat belieber!

  4. lolol says:


  5. elyssv31 says:

    I’m so sad…. I gave Kevin my number but he never called me back… I guess I’ll give him some of my hair for his birthday.

  6. LALALOL says:

    Im just a kid whos four each day I grow some more I like exploring I’m caaaaaallllliiiioooouuuuu!

  7. elyssv31 says:

    I don’t believe in the microwave.

  8. lolol says:

    that awesome

  9. elyssv31 says:

    That unicorn’s tail is not the right color.

  10. lolol says:

    that poor unicorn

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