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Justin Bieber: “I’m Here for Zayn”

January 29, 2013


Uh, oh! Looks like rumors have been swirling that One Direction hottie Zayn Malik betrayed his girlfriend, Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards in a big way.

Luckily for Zayn, fellow celeb singer and friend Justin Bieber just went through a rocky romance himself and he has made it clear that he is there to support his friend.

JB reportedly told Yahoo! OMG “I am there for him whatever he is going through – that is what buddies do.”

Justin also said that if Zayn needed some guy time away from drama he would hang out with his pal. Basically, it seems like Justin is there for Zayn whenever he needs him! Looks like the two pop stars have a solid friendship!

Do you think Justin will have good advice for Zayn? Or, should Zayn seek advice from his fellow 1D band mates first? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and on Twitter!

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  1. SonyaLuvHarry says:

    Zayn, if you really like Perrie? Just say ” Perrie, I’m sorry! This is pic is not my fault. Its someone fault. This was a HUGE rumor! So please! Can you gave me a chance?” Or you can ask the 1D mated for help? Or JB? I’ll accepted both. Or me? I am SUPER good who guys and girls who needed help to get back together and by anything that involved romances <3


  2. softballgirl says:

    he dosent even talk to zany I bet he dosent even hang out with him so Justin STAY OUT OF ONE DIRECTIONS LIFE CAUSE THEIR WAY MORE FAMOS AND CUTER THEN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Andrea Robinson says:

    Shut up. Softballboy

  4. JustinsGirl says:

    @Softballgirl first of alll noo justin is way more famous then one direction k? Justin will aways be more famous then them. I love 1D and Justin but he will always be bigger than them thats my opinion

  5. Chisom says:

    well…Zayn should take Justin’s advice if it feels right to him but better still the boys have known him longer so i think their advice may have more worth, Louis has experience that should help.

  6. Michele says:

    @Softballgirl…that has nothing to do with anything. People lend an ear, a hand, a shoulder in a time of need out of kindness. You don’t have to know someone to brighten a day. As far as being “more famous and cuter,” why would you shut down someone trying to help them? By that logic no one should ever help them.

    Anyway, good for Justin. Relationships come and go. Friends always have your back.

  7. ILoveLou says:

    JustinsGirl dont be mean and p.s hell to the no, STFU!!

  8. ILoveLou says:

    SonyaLuvHarry has a point tho..

  9. Brooke says:

    I really don’t think that zayn should take advice from Justin because zayn is 20 and Justin is wat like 18 i really don’t think that advice from an 18 year old who has been with one girl on and off constantly will help so I think he should take advice from his bandmates first

  10. Mrs Horan Forever says:

    i think this is just a big fat rumor. It’s ovious that Zayn is in love with Perrie… there is no problems going on between them EVERYONE!!!! I wish everyone would just leave one direction alone. You know their there own people and probably want to be left alone every once in awhile… So everyone don’t freak out i’m pretty sure that it is just some rumor. You can totaly see they love each other!!!