We were devastated for Miranda Cosgrove when her beloved poodle, Pearl, passed away earlier this year. Miranda loved her dog so much and losing her had a huge impact! For Christmas this year, Miranda got just the thing to heal an animal lover’s heart: A new puppy. Obviously, nothing could ever replace Pearl, but we’re so happy Miranda has a new furry friend to make memories with! She named the pup Penelope (Penny, for short). How cute is she?

Miranda tweeted this pic of Penny being downright adorable with the caption, “When life gives you lemons…” When life gives you lemons… is the first part of an old saying that ends “…make lemonade.” It means you should always make the best even out of a bad situation. Miranda seems to be doing just that with Penny’s help!

What do you think of Penny? Is she one of your favorite celebrity pets already? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!