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Name That Accessory!

January 31, 2013

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

It’s time for Name That Accessory! Which actress do you think wore these peep-toe shoes to the Warm Bodies premiere in Hollywood? Read our three clues below and click the link when you’re ready to check your answer. Remember to leave us a comment letting us know if you were right!

1. She’s a triple threat.

2. She loves to shake things up.

3. She has a sweet boyfriend.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

If you guessed Bella Thorne, you’re right! Bella wore these cat flats to a DoSomething event! What did you guess? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. Liamlover15 says:


  2. sophie says:

    Bella Thorne!!

  3. Ninis16 says:

    I knew it was bella thorne because of the second clue

  4. Emily says:

    i knew it

  5. ellie says:

    Bella Thorne

  6. KayKay16 says:

    It’s obviously Bella Thorne because it says she likes to shake things up…so she’s on shake it up…and Zendaya is a little darker so it has to be Bella Thorne :)

  7. Byarna says:

    I guessed Bella Thorne! Because, she likes to shake things up: Shake It Up & and she has a sweet bf: Tristan Klier!

  8. onedirectionleohowardlover143 says:

    Bella Thorne and Zendaya Coleman have a TERRIBLE sense of fashion!I mean all of the outfits they wear are so awful especially Zendaya’s!I hate Zendaya!!!!

  9. onedirectionleohowardlover143 says:

    Oh and I hate Bella Thorne!

  10. Anahita says:

    I think Bella Throne specially because of the second according to the second clue she loves to shake things up its obviously from shake it up so its either Zendaya or Bella but i thought Bella because of her nails