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QUIZ: Are You Brave?

January 16, 2013


    Want to find out if you're a daring diva or a secret scaredy cat? Take this quiz!

  1. It's your turn to pick the movie, you go with:

  2. When April Fools rolls around, you'll:

  3. At the amusement park, you:

  4. When someone screams you:

  5. For Halloween, you dressed as:

  6. The worst part of staying home alone is:

  7. Are you superstitious?


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  1. pixiestar says:

    I got Daring Diva. LOL

  2. liampayne12 says:


  3. dancingqueen219 says:

    I’m a secret scaredy cat!

  4. prettylittleliars2002 says:

    I’m a Darin’ Diva

  5. anjali brijmohan says:

    i got darin diva didn’t even answer 2 questions bcuz we dont do that in Trinidad

  6. Directioner says:

    Imma scaredy cat haha one of the questions was your at a theme park you .stick to the ferris wheel or .dash to the biggest rollercoaster and i picked ferris wheel even though i wouldnt dare get on either LOL YOLO so im not getting on any rollercoasters or ferris wheels soon!

  7. Swiftie13 says:

    Daring Diva!!! 😀

  8. Um……. sometimes! It depends on the situation.

  9. keaton is hot says:

    #TeamInspire (means I’m a fan of Emblem3)

  10. dada297 says:

    @ Keaton is hot
    I love E3 and love the username 😜