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Reader Soundoff: 1D Girlfriends

January 7, 2013

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It’s no secret that a few members of One Direction have girlfriends (Hello, Taylor Swift and Eleanor Calder), but what do you really think about it? Should the guys be single or are you cool with them being in serious relationships? Sound off!

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  1. Mahomiefever says:

    I think it`s adorable they have gf`s. Louie and El are SO cute together:)

  2. lilly234 says:

    Its good they have girlfriends they need them

  3. SonyaLuvHarry says:

    I didnt vote. But louis and eleanor are an AWESOME couple. And i WISH i wanna be like her cuz shes a student and a model. Liam and danielle, they are cute together, but i know shes older than him, but face it. They met on the X factor for about 2 or 3 yrs. Zayn and perrie, AWESOME couple, Perrie is a member of Little Mix, which you know. They are and CUTE couple. And I really dont want harry to dated OLDER girls like taylor swift. Face it Harry, Taylor dated ALOT of guys and dumped them REALLY FAST. And im TIRED. So i want you to dated younger girls like 18 or 17. But if you are turning 19, then you CAN dated the same ages. But if it is a FAN, you may or may not want ot do that.

  4. seltayjustinrox says:

    I like perrie Danielle and Eleanor but not Taylor swift she’s WAY to old for Harry and she will break his heart and turn it into a song

  5. dancingqueen219 says:

    I think they’re all so cute together!

  6. 1D143 says:

    Don’t forget perrie! I think it’s awesome

  7. Niall should get a gf he is really cute! 😉

  8. girl808 says:

    i adore all of them they are so cute with their girlfriends who loves their girlfriends they are awesome and pretty and perfect.

  9. Irais says:

    It’s really good that some of the boys have girlfriends, and when they have a girlfriend they are happy and when they are happy I am happy.
    I have nothing against for the 1D girlfriend’s they seem nice people you can hang out with.

  10. mileycyrusno1fan says:

    yah, it is totally cool with me and i am not a huge fan of theirs but i like some of their songs, and i love zerrie and elouinor!