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Selena Doing “Good” Post-Breakup

January 30, 2013

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Justin Bieber has opened up a lot recently about his breakup with Selena Gomez. In his Billboard interview, he admitted that his new some “Nothing Like Us” is about him and Sel. As for Selena, she’s been leaning on girlfriends like Taylor Swift, performing breakup anthems at her shows and, well, doing just fine, really. She recently dished to E! that she’s just enjoying life post-breakup.

“I’m good. I’m really good,” she said. “I’ve been recording, having a lot of fun with my girlfriends, having a good time.”

Do you think Sel is going as good as she says or is she secretly hurting? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!

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  1. Idl

  2. No idk

  3. Emilykb20 says:


  4. kisses28 says:


  5. Kasie8 says:


  6. Emily says:

    i think she is doing good

  7. sellyluver2 says:

    Well, all girls are somewhat upset when they have breakups, but otherwise I think she got over it. Either way I’ll love her forever!!! ❤

  8. soccerluv707 says:

    I think she’s doing as good as she says. she has no reason to lie about a broken heart…. everyone has had one

  9. dancingqueen219 says:

    Well she is the one who broke up with Justin so I’m pretty sure she’s not that hurt.

  10. pixiestar says:

    Probably she’s doing good. After all she did flirted with Josh Hutcherson and BTW she looked super confident and just having a good time! 😀