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Selena: “Taylor and I Only Talk About Normal Things!”

January 18, 2013

Christopher Polk/Getty Images for PCA

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are two of the most famous girls in the entertainment industry today. They also happen to be best friends. You would probably think that they bonded over things like having to deal with their fame, but according to Sel, that’s totally untrue. In her recent interview with NYLON, she spilled that she and Tay are such great because specifically because they don’t talk about the industry!

“We both experienced the same things at the same time,” Sel said. “But we’ve never once talked about our industry. She just became the person I’d go to for an issue with my family or boyfriend. It’s so hard to trust girls, so I’m lucky to have her.”

We think that it’s kind of totally adorable that Taylena don’t discuss “famous” things. These girls are the definition of down to earth!

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  1. Sophia says:

    I think that’s awesome. I’m happy that they both have someone they can go to that just treats them like a normal girl. I think that’s how they both stay so down to earth and nice.

  2. Makala says:

    Awe that is sweet

  3. I think they talk about boys

  4. Hannah says:

    Taylor? Down to Earth? LOL NO!

  5. Ava says:

    That’s cute!

  6. Serenity says:

    Umm Taylor Swift as in the Taylor Swift Down to earth LOL NO

  7. dancingqueen219 says:

    Aww, I love them as BFF!

  8. pixiestar says:

    I like Selena but not T-Swift

  9. Swiftie13 says:

    That’s great! And everyone stop hating on T-Swift! She’s made it a lot farther in life than you have!

  10. Emma says:

    Rrr so cute happy for them