Earlier this week, Taylor Swift made a fan’s day with a simple meal. On Saturday, January 19, she had lunch with Kayla Kincannon, a 17-year-old fan who is battling brain cancer. Kayla and her friends made the meeting happen through the power of social media, tweeting and Facebooking to get Taylor’s attention.

Kayla’s dad, Brad, sang Tay’s praises on her blog after the meal. “This was no quick meet and greet photo opp. We sat and talked to Taylor and her mom for two hours, had lunch and Kayla received a gift basket, then she signed pictures,” he said. “She is the sweetest, most down to earth person I have ever met! This was more than we ever expected! I’m so thankful to team Kayla, news, and everyone who made her dream come true! This was the best day ever for her and all of us!”

How sweet was Taylor for having lunch with Kayla and her family? What do you think of her act of kindness? Tell us in the comments!