It’s no secret that Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are BFFs, but what you might not have realized is just how much Selena looks up to Taylor. No, we don’t just mean because Taylor is amazing tall – Selena seems to really admire Tay and want to be more like her. We found some evidence in Sel’s recent fashion choices everywhere from the stage to the red carpet to a casual photo call. Check it out below!

Evidence 1: Going for the Gold

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Taylor has been a golden girl on the red carpet for years now and Selena decided to rock Tay’s signature color to the Golden Globes just a few weeks after her split with Justin Bieber. Did wearing Taylor’s confidence color help Sel get through the night? Do you think there’s any chance Sel will lend Tay the stylin’ gold mini-dress she wore to the Globes? They are BFFs, after all.

Evidence 2: Plaid Power

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In November of last year, Selena wore this fun, slightly grunge plaid shirt and knit cap look to a photo call, but it looked awfully familiar. Where had we seen a similar look before? On Taylor – when she wore a plaid shirt and knit cap for a Today Show performance way back in 2010!

Evidence 3: Stage Style

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Selena wowed us when she performed at last year’s EMAs in this deep purple, sequined mini. Taylor also wowed us in a similar look… at the Brooks & Dunn’s The Last Rodeo concert in 2010.

Do you think Sel even realizes that she’s borrowing Taylor’s style? Do you think Taylor helps her with the looks since she’s the older BFF? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!