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WATCH: Jack the Giant Slayer Trailer!

January 29, 2013

Nick Hoult is red hot right now. His newest flick, ZomCom Warm Bodies hits theaters next month, on February 1. And just a month later, on March 1, Nick will be back on the big screen in Jack the Giant Slayer. In the movie, a play on the classic Jack and the Beanstalk tale, a farm boy named Jack (played by Nick, of course), has to rescue a princess from the land of the giants who have kidnapped her. This new trailer for the flick came out today and we have to say, it looks action-packed. Is Nick Hoult going to be the biggest new star of 2013?

What do you think of the trailer for Jack the Giant Slayer? Will you see it? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!

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  1. Laurengirlsrock says:

    No I Won’t Watch It
    Haven’t Even Bothered To Watch The Trailer
    Too Much Of A Boyish Movie For Me

  2. Emilykb20 says:


  3. dancingqueen219 says:

    This movie looks cute!

  4. pixiestar says:

    OMG! I totally wanna see it! 😀

  5. unique girl says: