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WATCH: Zendaya’s “1st Official” Dance Vid!

January 4, 2013

What did you do over winter break? Zendaya took a break from her hectic schedule filming Shake It Up and working on her music to…do more work? Geez, Z: Take a break!

Zendaya posted a special dance video on her official YouTube channel, just for her fans! “I got together with my favorite choreographer (Miss Kim Sims-Battiste) and my favorite dancers, and we put together a little something for you guys!! Hope you like it…please tweet the link and spread the word!!” she wrote about the video.

What do you think of Zendaya’s dance vid? Do you and your friends ever make dance videos? Would you dare share them with the world on YouTube? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ugh, what a poser! who does she think she is?

  2. Anonymous says:

    then again all disney stars are posers…

  3. dada297 says:

    Ok so this is a side to her I haven’t seen….

  4. Sabine says:

    I <3 the dance moves but the song is RAP!!
    Zendaya in the show "shake it up" she is a GIRLYGIRL but in real life WOW!

  5. pixiestar says:

    OMG! I love it! It’s super cool! I love sassy Z! LOL 😉

  6. Anonymous says:

    @pixiestar this is NOT sassy this is sucky

  7. swizzle7 says:

    LOL i know right @anonymos i hate disney stars!

  8. Swiftie13 says:

    It’s kinda different…not in a good way…

  9. dancingqueen219 says:

    They’re some awesome dancers!

  10. bella says:

    I wish they would put more leo howard