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Rumors of a feud between Kristen Stewart and Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence started flying pretty much the minute the THG movie was cast. The logic was that since both girls are stars of major YA book-turn-movie franchises, they would hate each other. How weird is the logic that starts rumors? We totally don’t get it. Kristen and Jen are two of the chillest girls we know so we never believed the rumors for a second. Now, though, we have proof for even people who think the rumors were true: Kristen called out Jen as part of her dream ensemble in her recent interview with V magazine.

“There are so many cool girls out there!” she said before name-dropping Jennifer, along with Oscar-nominated actress Amy Adams, and her BFF and Twilight costar, Dakota Fanning.

What four girls would you pick for a dream ensemble cast? Tell us in the comments!