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B B wrote, “There’s this super hot guy at my school and one of my BFF’s brothers are really good friends with him. I always go on outings with my BFF and him so I sometimes “make my move”. But when ever I do, I humiliate myself. Like once I took a picture of him and he saw me, I tried to act all cool and say ” Yeah, I know,”. I’M SO STUPID!! 🙁 . I need some serious help:(.”

Hi B B! I’m sorry to hear that you feel so embarrassed when you are around your crush! It’s definitely hard to play it cool when you are nervous in front of someone you like, so do not think of yourself as stupid! It’s great that your BFF’s brother is friends with your crush, you will have many opportunities to hang out with him. Next time you see you crush, remain confident and talk to him! It might be easier to talk about something that you both have an interest in, that way you will be less nervous. Don’t over-think how you act around him. Be yourself and if he likes you–yay! Mission accomplished. If not, then there is probably another cute boy waiting for you to take his picture!

lilly234 wrote, “Dear blog girl, I really like this boy and he asked me to be his girlfriend but I had to tell him no becaz my mom said I’m not allowed til I’m 16 how do I tell her that I don’t want to wait that long and I want to start having a boyfriend now?”

Hey, Lilly234! Your mom’s rule might seem unfair now, but she made it because she thinks it’s what is best for you. If you really feel like it’s unfair though and you’re ready to date now, tell her that you want to have a serious discussion about it. Be prepared to listen to her side of things and stick to reasons why you believe YOU are ready to date now (instead of using reasons like “all of my friends have boyfriends” for example). If your mom feels really strongly about the rule, she probably won’t revoke it completely, but maybe you two can come to a compromise – like you being allowed to go on group dates or have an at-school-only boyfriend. Good luck!

rascalflatts693 wrote, “how do you get in touch with famous people”

Hey, rascalflatts693! This is a great question. We actually have a page in every issue of BOP and Tiger Beat that has tons of celebrity fan mail addresses. Write them a letter and be sure to decorate the envelope so your letter stands out! Good luck.

cheergirlmacey wrote, “Dear Blog Girl, my bff has a crush on this guy. But the guy told me he really liked me, he said he has no interest in my bff. What do I do?!”

Hey, cheergirlmacey! This is a tough question. First of all, do you like this guy too? If so, you should try to be honest with your friend about your feelings for him and make sure that dating him won’t ruin your friendship with her. If she’s totally not okay with it, you’ll have to decide if dating him is worth losing your friendship. If you’re not interested in dating him though, tell your friend upfront that you talked to him for her and he doesn’t feel the same way. As long as you’re not interested in him, the fact that he likes you doesn’t even matter. Help your friend find a new crush (a better one who will like her back!). Good luck!

Kate wrote, “Dear blog girl, What is the best way to lose weight to be thin like a hot celebrity.”

Hey, Kate. I wanted to answer your question because it brings up a problem that lots of girls have – the idea that you have to SUPER skinny to be pretty. The best way to be as attractive as your favorite celebrity actually isn’t to lose weight; it’s to be confident in how you look. Think about it: All of the celebs we look up to the most are super confident and happy with themselves. Just stay active (like by joining a sport at school or doing something you love like swimming or riding your bike), eat healthy (and that means making sure you get a healthy number of calories each day – not too many, but also not too few!) and focus on the things that make you happy in life and you’ll look your best. Look at stars like Katy Perry, Jennifer Lawrence and Demi Lovato – they all know you can be absolutely gorgeous without being scary skinny.