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Audrey wrote, “Dear BlogGirl, In math I am really struggling, I am trying to make principals list, which is the top 5 highest grades in my grade, but my average in math is an 80 when all my other grades are within 98-100 range. Sometimes I feel really dumb in math class because everyone else understands it. I feel lost and sometimes I feel my parents are disappointed in my because of my math grade. Please help!!”

Hi Audrey! First of all, kudos for caring about your academics as much as you do. But there’s no need to feel dumb! Everyone has a subject that they just don’t click with. If you’re feeling lost in math class, you can look to friends or family for help. Do you have an uncle who’s an algebra whiz? Or a friend who is doing really well in the class? If so, you can ask them for some tutoring, or even just occasional help with homework or a concept you’re having trouble with. They might be able to explain things in a way that you understand better. And if your friend doesn’t agree to help you – maybe you can reward their help in math by tutoring them in YOUR favorite subject that they might be weak in!

CoLeTtE629 wrote, “Hey Blog Girl, I have a few questions. I’ve heard several times that you should “play hard to get” to get a guy because they love “the thrill of the chase”. What does that mean? And is that true? And what are some signs guys give that tell that they like you? Thanks.”

Hey CoLeTtE629! What great questions; these are some that girls have been (and will be) asking forever. One of life’s greatest mysteries! Basically, playing “hard-to-get” just means not falling in love with the first guy who smiles at you. Girls who play “hard-to-get” take their time in deciding if a guy is right for them (and sometimes make the guys work hard to prove themselves)! And guys who love the “thrill of the chase” actually enjoy the process of making a girl fall for them – flirting, buying her flowers for her birthday, stuff like that. As for if all this is true or not – your guess is as good as mine!

fizzyizzy9 wrote, “Dear blog girl, I just started homeschooling this year for the first time. It’s been a few months and all of my friends have stopped talking to me because they think since I’m not at school they shouldn’t be friends with me. The thing I’m most upset about is that my BFF is hanging out with the meanest girl in school all of a sudden. Last year all she did was bully her! I asked my BFF why she was hanging out with her, and she said she’s kinda nice, but then a week later, my BFF told me that she was actually mean and that I was right. (The mean girl got in a fight with her) Basically, I can’t trust her at all because every time I try she betrays my trust. I really need a friend though, I’m always alone on weekends and I’m just kinda sad. Please help! Sorry it’s so long!”

Hey fizzyizzy9, I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling lonely recently. Home-schooling must have been a drastic change. But your friends should be there for you! Let them know you’re still thinking about them, maybe with a lunchtime text saying, “Hey! How’s school going? Any funny stories from today?” or an after-school phone call asking, “What are you guys up to?” And don’t forget, you can always be the one to invite them over or plan a hangout too! As for your BFF, if you know that she’s a true friend, take time to talk things over with her. Maybe she knows she made a mistake and still wants to be your friend. If so, give her another chance. And there are always opportunities to make NEW friends as well! You can join a community sports team or volunteer at the library… anything where you can meet new people. If everything works out, you may soon have too MANY plans to keep track of!

hi hi!!!! wrote, “Dear Blog Girl, I am kind of a neat freak I guess. Everything has to be in a proper order and done a certain way. When I do something embarrassing during school like sharpening my pencil for ten minutes, everyone starts laughing. I don’t know what to do! Please help!!!”

Hey there hi hi!!! These habits are actually very common; don’t feel like there is anything to be embarrassed about! There’s nothing wrong with keeping an organized life. However, if you feel like your habit is getting overwhelming to live with, you should talk to your parents about seeing a doctor – it may be obsessive compulsive disorder. In the meantime, try to stress as little as possible. The next time your classmates laugh at you for sharpening your pencil, laugh it off with them. If they see that you don’t find it embarrassing, hopefully they won’t even notice it after a while!

caseycat21 wrote, “Dear Blog Girl, I’m really sad about my crush, Julian (I call him JJ), moved to Arizona. It was hard for me because i waited the WHOLE ENTIRE summer just for him. On the 1st day of school, I searched the WHOLE school for him. My BFF can’t cheer me up. What do I do? HELP!”

Hi caseycat21, I’m so sorry that your crush moved! Goodbyes are always hard. But you can’t let his absence take over your life! The best part of technology today is that you can always keep in touch with old friends. You can text JJ a hilarious cat picture by day, Facebook chat him by night, and even see his face again over Skype! And even though it may seem difficult now, take up your BFF’s offer to cheer you up and try to distract yourself by having fun with your girls. Who knows? You might meet a new crush while out at the movies or at lunch! Hopefully, time will heal all wounds!