Up-and-coming singer Camryn is currently touring with One Direction. This is Camryn’s second time on tour with 1D, so she knows a ton about the boys’ favorite things to do when they aren’t onstage! She opened for One Direction on their Up All Night Tour last summer and will open for them again during the European portion of their Take Me Home tour.

“I feel like I’ve usually seen them the most in the gym,” Camryn told MTV News. “But they’re all so crazy and they’re all really fun and they’re exactly how they are on camera, just crazy best friends.”

Camryn also opened up to MTV News about Harry Styles and Zayn Malik‘s pre-show personality!

“Harry is very chill most of the time,” she said. “Zayn is kind of a little bit nervous, kind of running around, just very prepared.”

The boys seem so down-to-earth! What do you think of 1D’s love for working out? What do you think of Camryn’s insight on their personalities before show time? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!