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We caught up to Victoria Justice recently to talk to her about everything from the release of her newest movie, Fun Size, to her upcoming summer tour. When the subject of tour came up, Vic was absolutely beaming – she’s SO excited to see her fans this summer! We asked her what is the number one thing fans can do to get her attention when she’s on stage and she gave LOTS of suggestions. Check them out below.

“Oh gosh, I mean I love it when I see people singing along to the songs,” Vic gushed. “That just warms my heart, and it’s awesome. And people who are super into it and just rocking out and they don’t even care who’s around and they’re so great. And of course when people take the time to make signs and that sort of thing. It just blows my mind that people would actually put effort into doing that is the sweetest thing ever. That just gets me.”

Are YOU going to see Vic in concert this summer? Do you plan to put her tips to use? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!