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Fashion Essential: High-tops!

February 3, 2013

A fashion essential is something every girl should have in her closet, that will never go out of style! Every week, we’ll be featuring one article of clothing, along with three examples of how to rock it.

This week’s essential? High-tops!

Why you need them in your closet:

Girls, let’s face it: we crave a pair of sneakers after our feet have been in a pair of high-heels for a long period of time! But now more than ever, our favorite celebs have been rockin’ high-top sneakers with any outfit imaginable! Whether you’re going for an edgy punk-rock look or a stylish glam look a pair of high-tops is the perfect way to complete your ensemble.  A shoe that is comfy AND trendy!? Who would’ve thought? Find out how to rock the high-tops with any look you desire!

Three ways to rock it:

1. Perrie Edwards:

Getty Images

To add to her crop top and dark skinnies, Little Mix’s, Perrie Edwards, spices up her look with a pair of brown high-top boots. Perrie sports this outfit while performing in casual gear, but they can give a tom-boyish touch to any girly outfit!

2. Cher Lloyd:

Getty Images

Who knew that a pair of studded high-tops would look so fab with Cher’s short black skirt and polka-dot tank!? Her studded high-tops are the finishing touch to her edgy glam-rocker look. Way to rock it, Cher!

3. Selena Gomez:


Getty Images

Talk about punk-rocker! We love Sel’s casual ensemble as she wears her high-top sneakers, paired with some skinnies, a flannel and a beanie. This is the perfect outfit for lounging around the house or spending the day out and about with your girls!

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  1. Deena says:

    love justin bieber and supper love u selena gomez u are my idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. _littlethingss_ says:

    Perrie all the way!

  3. lilly234 says:

    I like selenas shirt :-) but why do people start to wear them when they see celebs wearing them do they want to be them?

  4. happyselfan124 says:


  5. 143_ange says:

    I’ve always been wearing high tops and all my friends and family think that they’re unfashionable (which I couldn’t care less) and now they’re in style, YAY! =D

  6. Justin bieber lover says:

    Love it I have at least 3 pairs of high tops wish I had all the pairs JB has though

  7. Makala says:

    Love it

  8. pixiestar says:

    I love Cher’s outfit the most!

  9. love4taylorswift says:

    I love Cher’s high Tops

  10. dancingqueen219 says:

    I like Cher’s outfit the best!