The March issue of BOP is on sale now! Have you read it yet? If not, here’s what you’re missing out on!

  • 1D on Their Hotness: Obviously we all think the guys of 1D are mega hot, but we got THEM to spill what they think about their hotness – ONLY to us!
  • 25 Ways to be a Star: Want to be a star? We have 25 tips to help you get there.
  • The Latest Gossip: We have all the dish on everyone from Jelena to Ross Lynch to One Direction. Don’t miss it!
  • Quizzes: We have great quizzes in this issue, including “Is your crush boyfriend material?” and “What’s your texting style?”
  • POSTERS: And, of course, we have hot mega posters (as always). This month we have giants of 1D, Justin, Sel, Harry, Taylor and Zayn!