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Selena Gomez is everywhere recently – award shows, movie premieres, fashion show runways… but will one of those places soon be a date with country singer Hunter Hayes?

We heard reports that the two singers were seen flirting and exchanging phone numbers at Justin Timberlake’s post-Grammy concert last week (yep, the same one that she attended with JB’s pal, Alfredo Flores). On one hand, Selena and Hunter makes sense: she likes cute musicians. But what’s the truth?

Apparently, an insider told HollywoodLife.com, “Selena and Hunter are not dating and nobody should expect that they will be a couple ever or anytime soon. Strictly friendly at best.” Guess the concert flirting was purely innocent!

Hunter (like many others) has been linked to Taylor Swift in the past. And ever since her high-profile split, Selena has been linked with everyone from Nat Wolff to co-star Luke Bracey. Until any official announcements – everyone should probably just let these starlets be!

What do you think about the Selena and Hunter rumors? Do you like them together? Who do you think Selena should date next? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!