Niall Horan is staying silent all day today to support Comic Relief charity and its Red Nose Day event.

Red Nose Day occurs every two years. The participants do something funny to raise money for Comic Relief charity, which helps to change countless lives across the United Kingdom and Africa. This year, Niall has decided to keep quiet and raise money!

It looks like the rest of the One Direction crew is happy about his decision! Liam Payne recently tweeted a clever picture of Zayn Malik putting his hand over Niall’s mouth.

Comic Relief charity is based in the UK and seeks to create a world free from poverty. The charity’s Red Nose Day event occurs on March 15, 2013–just one month from today!

Do you think Niall’s idea to stay silent for charity is super funny? Are you excited to see how the rest of the 1D crew communicates with Niall? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!