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POLL: Whose Side Are YOU on?

February 13, 2013

Christopher Polk/Getty Images for ESPN

Justin and Selena have been on and off – and some of their famous friends have taken sides. Some people are siding with Justin, others with Sel and some, well some just want to see these lovebirds back together. Where do YOU fall? Leave YOUR thoughts in the comments and they might show up in a future issue of BOP or Tiger Beat!

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  1. I hate jb but i luv selena they made a horrible couple

  2. pixiestar says:

    Def Team Jelena! They belong together! I know they still have lil feelings with each other. I want to ship them again if they’re going to be back together.

  3. Madison says:

    I totally love both of them but I voted for justin sorry Selena your still my role model

  4. nessablgarzasoccer8 says:

    i feel bad for Selena there’s rumors that jb is cheating on Selena with Rihanna

  5. Gabby Bale says:

    PLEASE READ FOR YOUR CRUSHES SAKE!!!!!!! Do people care about Cassidy anymore? She said she will come back for Austin right? So how if she finds out that Austin and Ally like each other? Won’t that bring up the drama? Please answer back if you agree and want Cassidy to come back! PLEASE PASS IT ON!!!!!!! IF YOU DONT THEN YOUR CRUSH WILL NEVER LIKE YOU BACK!!!!!!!!

  6. Im not choosing a side. I vote Team JELENA!!!

  7. Gabby Bale says:

    READ FOR CUTE COUPLE ALERT!!!!! What do u think about Olivia Holt and Leo Howard dating!? Reply if u would like it or not!

  8. Laurengirlsrock says:

    I support team Selena
    She is my idol
    And I support whatever decision she makes
    After all Justin cheated on her

  9. llasmin says:

    well i support justin cuz selenas just backstabing him!!

  10. Ima Luzer says:

    Team Selena for sure! Just cuz 1. Shes my fave celeb 2. Justin flirted with a Victorias Secret Model AND Rihanna, so its def NOT Selena’s fault! You go girl! (Selena Gomez)