17-year-old Ryan Beatty is finishing up his senior year of high school while working on his debut album. Someone is busy! The singer/songwriter became famous after posting videos to YouTube, but it gets better. Justin Bieber loves Ryan’s music and even covered his single “Every Little Thing” last year. Ryan talked about the crazy experience in an interview with Just Jared.

“I was leaving the studio and I just got in the car, and I was checking my mentions on Twitter. I saw a tweet about it, ‘Justin Bieber covered your song.” I was just like, ‘What the heck?’ I just didn’t think anything of it,” Ryan explained. “And I kept scrolling while I was sitting in the parking lot. My dad was getting directions. And all of a sudden I saw all these tweets and I clicked the link, and I go, ‘Dad, Justin Bieber covered my song.’ He goes, ‘No, he didn’t.’ I said, ‘Yeah, he did.’ I played the video. It took forever for me to load it, but I finally watched it and I could not believe that. I thought it was fake or something. It was so weird. I [later] met him in Chicago and it was really cool. He came up to me and was like, ‘What’s up, man? I love your song.'”

If you haven’t seen Justin’s cover check out the video below!

As for the release of Ryan’s debut album, fans will have to wait a little longer for an official date.

There’s not a date yet,” he dished. “I’m really trying hard and I want to get it out, but I don’t want to rush anything. So I’m trying to keep it at this good pace without being too fast or too slow. Hopefully I’ll be able to announce a release date soon.”

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