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Would You Wear It: Vanessa’s Dress

February 19, 2013

Sometimes we see celebs’ clothes and we’re so in love we catch ourselves devising elaborate plans to raid their closets (or at least put together a similar ensemble at the mall). Other times though, we see a famous face where something that would totally make us blush – in a bad way. We want to know your opinion on this outfit! Vanessa Hudgens wore this flowery dress to a movie premiere in Paris. Would you rock this look?

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

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  1. eliza grah says:

    its uglyyy..

  2. love4taylorswift says:

    I wouldn’t

  3. skai says:

    it looks like an old fashion funeral gown

  4. pixiestar says:

    Uhhh nope…

  5. skai says:

    it’s not that bad but i wouldn’t wear it

  6. cows_moo_forever says:

    I think this dress is absolutely gorgeous!!

  7. 2Blue4u2 says:

    i wouldent wear it its like that one thing that looks good on models but you cant look the same in it but its super cute

  8. Jess says:

    No offense but when did she become so “big”! What is up with the LONG dress!? Did she forget to wax her legs!? She doesn’t look good and it’s not a nice dress either way!

  9. Sophie1234 says:

    Her dress is cool to wear for models down the carpet,

  10. lexi says:

    if it was knee height than yes I would