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dez52 wrote, “Dear blog girl, I need some serious help!!!!!!! Thursday is me and my boyfriends 8 month anniversary but there’s a slight problem. We don’t live close to eachother so I can’t see him and he’s grounded. I havnt talked to him in almost 2 weeks and I DO I DO BLOG GIRL?!?!?!?”

Hi dez52, happy anniversary! However, I’m sorry to hear that you’ll be separated for it. But don’t worry – it doesn’t mean your anniversary has to be ruined! You can try some really cool ways to celebrate by being apart; like asking one of your BF’s friends to deliver a custom-made present to his room and surprise him. Or you can try a text-message scavenger hunt where you send him a different clue every hour of the day until he solves a puzzle that spells out “Happy Anniversary!” (That way, he’ll be thinking of you the entire day!) Or you can have a vid-chat date, and get dressed up to eat a fancy dinner over Skype. It’d be fun and cute!

Avalon wrote, “Dear Blog Girl, my best friends house is not fun at all! Her mom is SUPER enoying (like everything she says is mean and even her voice is enoying) and i never want to come over! She’s always asking me to hang out and she gets mad if i sugest we go to my house cause we ALWAYS do! I dont know what to do cause I’m running out of excuses and im afraid this is going to cost us our friendship. Thanks!”

Hey Avalon! Unfortunately, there’s probably no way to completely fix this problem besides to be upfront with your friend. However, upfront honesty doesn’t have to mean rude honesty! You can say something neutral like, “I don’t know if your mom likes me that much. Did I do something wrong?” This could open up a discussion into why you feel uncomfortable at her house. You can also ask if you can hang out with your BFF at the movies or the park – or you guys can bring a whole group of friends to her house so there’s more company around. If nothing else works, just remember that your friendship is worth so much. Maybe you could just bite the bullet and be polite until the day’s over… for your friendship’s sake!

Jacklyn wrote, “Dear Blog Girl, I like this guy and i know he likes me because his friend told me. I was too scared to tell him how i felt so i said “sry but im taken” but then i felt so stupid. Ive liked him since January, and when i think i have the courage to talk to him; i chicken out. I gave him a valentine for valentines day but im not sure if he read it. I really like him, its seriously impossible to get him out of my head. We have never talked ever. Can u help me? or Do u have any advice?”

Hi Jacklyn! You’re in a pretty good position right now to fix your dilemma… he likes you, yay! Now all you have to work on is building up your courage. You can tell him face-to-face (or even online or by phone if you’re still nervous), “I know I told you I was taken before, but I was just too nervous to make a decision at that time. But now I’ve thought about it and I’ve decided that I like you too. What do you think we should do about this?” Since you already know he likes you… you have nothing to lose! Don’t be afraid!

Arabelle28 wrote, “YO Blog Girl!, Imma be going 2 middle school(even though,I’m going in the fall). I’m always worried of stuff like grades,social life & stuff like that. I’ve read books ’bout middle school(that R fictional). I thought it’s going 2 happen 2 me. I’m not really ready 4 middle school. I thought most of the students R going 2 be very rude(like i the fictional books). HELP ME! PLEZ! HELP ME! I’M STRESSING OUT! HELP ME PLEZ!”

Hey Arabelle28, no worries, don’t stress! Middle school is a great time: there’s not too much school stress (yet), you have more freedom and power than when you were in elementary school, and there are lots of exciting new experiences on the horizon (school dances, band, sports teams, etc)! If you’ve been doing well in school and with friends so far, keep it up. Most likely, it won’t be very different from your school life now. Books and movies definitely exaggerate!

MissNiallHoran asked, “Dear blog girl I’m kind of in a tought situation I made this friend who is kind of popular so we became friends cause we a lot of the same interest. But the problem is she is treating me like a slave so I talked to her and tryed to work it out and she denied everything saying I’m the one who started it and all this the with her is she is part of my personal life and I hate it blog girl please give me advice I could really use some support thx”

Hi MissNiallHoran! Sorry to hear that your friend is so controlling. It sounds like she may not be the greatest buddy in the world. Think long and hard about your friendship with her. Are there any positives to hanging out with her besides for the fact that she’s popular? If yes, then you should keep trying to make it work. Next time she bosses you around, just say politely, “I don’t think it’s fair that you’re asking me to do that for you. Can you do it yourself or ask someone else?” That way, she’ll know you’re not angry and still want to be friends – but that you’re not her doormat. If she overreacts or if you decide that her friendship isn’t worth the popularity – try expanding your friend circle and hang out someone who will treat you with the respect you deserve!