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Dear Harry’s Dimple

March 18, 2013

Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images

Harry Styles is hot for many reasons — one of the biggest being his dimple. If you could write a letter to Harry’s dimple, what would you say? Write your best love letter to Harry’s flirty face feature (start with “Dear Harry’s dimple…”) in the comment section below, and you might just see your words inside June/July BOP! Have fun!

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  1. NiallGoes2Nandos says:

    dear harry’s dimple i dont have dimples so please call your dimmple friends and tell them to come to me!!!does this make sense to any of u????

  2. Katy says:

    Dear Harry’s dimples,
    you are so lucky to be a part of a unique, handsome and very talented young man’s face. It must be awesome from your point of view… Lyk literally the fans and all… And I would love if u can drag his little arse as well as the boys down to South America more specifically Guyana!!
    P.S we love u and ur host😘

  3. Awesomesauce says:

    Dear Harry’s dimple,
    I think you are perfect in every way. You are very important not just to me, but millions of screaming girls around the world. Your amazing and cute, just like the face you are on. Love ya!

  4. Christin says:

    Dear Harry’s dimples,
    WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE??? I love you! I wish I could kiss you!! WILL YOU TELL HARRY TO MARRY ME??!!! KISSES!!* I WILL SING FOR YOU!! ‘Let me kiss you’ SEE I JUST SANG!!! BYE!!

  5. Lucymstyles says:

    Dear Harry’s dimple,
    You are perfect in many ways. We are dimple buddies because I have dimples as well. You are one young talented, handsome, dimple. There might be other super stars out there that have dimples but nothing compares to your dimples. You make every fan out there smile when Harry smiles, and all of this is because of you. You are very lucky to be on such a gorgeous face!. XOXO.

  6. !derful_2 says:

    Dear Harry’s Dimple,
    why is harry styles always the centre of attention?! where are the other guys?! not everything is about harry! its 5 lads not 1 !! i’m not a hater but i want equality!!!! please

  7. Minerva says:

    Dear Harry’s Dimples
    I’m so jealous of you! You know why? :)
    Because your on such a beautiful face. The face that I wish I could meet someday :) I love Harry lots and I wish to see you Harry’s Dimples on his face more often :)

  8. directioner52499 says:

    Dear Harry’s Dimple, Your adorable! And your part of an adorable face! When Harry smiles, there you are! I have dimples. Your way cuter though 😀 That’s just a few of the reasons I love you and the face you are part of! <3333

  9. Fernanda says:

    Dear Harry’s Dimple:

    I think you are amazing the way you look in Harry’s face just makes me want you more I know you can’t leave his face but If you could I would want you with me
    Love Fernanda Figueroa

  10. dainara says: