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Readers’ Choice KCA Best Dressed List: Round Six – Crop Tops

March 25, 2013

Hey! There were SO many great looks at this weekend’s Kids’ Choice Awards that we couldn’t narrow it down to just a few for our usual Who Wore It Best fashion roundup. So instead, we’ve broken the looks of the day into categories and we’re asking YOU to help create a readers’ choice best dressed list! Up next: Crop Tops. Who rocked crop tops best on the KCA carpet, Katy Perry or Peyton List?

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  1. Anna1400 says:

    Peyton list is the one that I would wear!

  2. pixiestar says:


  3. dancingqueen219 says:


  4. niallerspotato#232677 says:

    Ther both kinda ugly so i guess peyton…

  5. oliviajo777777 says:

    I vote for Peyton, Just love her top and she looks soo Gorgeous <3<3<3

  6. AlyssaMahone says:

    Peyton List<3

  7. Katy perry look super pretty like always i luv u katy

  8. mileycyrusno1fan says:

    peyton list! katy is gorgeous but if i wear that top, well, R.I.P to me!

  9. cuteasabutton says:

    Katy perrys was wat to short

  10. Alyiah says:

    Peyton you look amazing,but Katy you need a total different look.You look like a butterfly fixing to go swimming! I luv you Peyton!

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