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Shake It Up: I <3 Dance Available Today!

March 5, 2013

Good news for Shake It Up fans! The third soundtrack for the Disney Channel Original Series Shake It Up is available TODAY!

Shake It Up: I <3 Dance features the super popular single “Contagious Love”! In addition to Bella Thorne and Zendaya, artist on the album include Selena Gomez, The McClain Sisters, Caroline Sunshine, and Coco Jones. Z and Bella tweeted to fans today about the exciting news!

Bella has been super busy learning new dance moves, check out this video of dance rehearsal she posted earlier this week!

Are YOU going to get Shake It Up: I <3 Dance for the ultimate dance party? Which song on the album is YOUR favorite? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!

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  1. Laurengirlsrock says:

    I Can’t Wait To Buy It
    Contagious Love Is Amazing

  2. dancingqueen219 says:

    Not a fan of their music.

  3. Emilykb20 says:

    Totally!Contagious love&this is my dance floor!

  4. Emily says:

    this is my dancefloor

  5. lexi says:

    nope not interested

  6. Casey says:

    i just went on ITunes and saw the album. I’m listening 2 their song This Is My Dance floor. I LOVE BELLA. TTYLXOX IS MY FAVORITE SONG<3 :)

  7. pixiestar says:

    Probably I won’t get it. But I love Bella’s new dance-y moves!

  8. Julia says:

    I love shake it up I’m definitely getting it!!

  9. Vanessa says:

    I love dancing I have hip hop class and I always tell the teacher that I want to put zendaya and Bella thorne songs on shake it up I just LOVE DANCING it’s my favorite thing and importanat thing for MEEEEEE

  10. LILI says:

    cool <3