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Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson On Set of PLL Season Four!

March 27, 2013


The Pretty Little Liars girls are used to finding themselves in trouble, thanks to their friend A. PLL starlets Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell might be taking on too much of their characters as they take this pic…next to the police car!

But fear not, PLL fans. Shay and Ash were totally messing around on set when they took this hilarious photo! Shay posted the goofy pic to Instagram, saying, “🐷Back rides for @itsashbenzo @ashbenzo during rehearsals. Her only form of transportation #season4 😜 #PLL.”

Ash and Shay are so cute! What do you think of their silly set pic? Will you be tuning in to Season Four of PLL? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!

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  1. dancingqueen219 says:


  2. rikki2244 says:

    I like to go crazy when I’m having fun to! :* :)

  3. Emilykb20 says:


  4. pixiestar says:

    Totally adorable!

  5. mileycyrusno1fan says:

    i LOVE ash and shay s friendship!

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