[credit] Jennette McCurdy / Twitter [/credit]

What do you get when you combine our favorite British girl duo with our favorite American one? Well, we’re about to find out! The famous tiara-wearing cousins Sophia Grace & Rosie are set to guest star on an upcoming episode of Sam & Cat!

In the episode, Sophia Grace and Rosie will be playing Gwen and Ruby, two British girls who Sam and Cat have to babysit. Normal, right? Too bad the devious kids turn out to be con artists. Sounds like Sam and Cat are going to have their hands full!

Sophia Grace revealed on The Ellen Show recently that filming her first sitcom was a completely new experience. “It’s different because everything I touch [on this set] is perfectly still, but then I leaned on something on the Nickelodeon set and it wobbled a bit. I went, ‘This is not right!’”  The girls also said that filming with Ariana and Jennette was “brilliant!”

Are YOU excited to see Sophia Grace and Rosie guest star on Sam & Cat? What do you hope to see happen on the episode? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!