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After Ariana Grande‘s flirty “The Way” music video came out, people everywhere were talking about her onscreen kiss with Mac Miller. Are they dating? Was this why Jai and Ari broke up for a while? What’s going on?

But not to worry, everything’s fine! Ariana herself shot down those rumors to ClevverTV: “It bothers me that when you do something in a music video, people [don’t realize] it’s acting. It was just for fun, to make people talk, to add a cute romantic vibe to the video!”

The singer also laughed about it with her collab-mate. She said that she and Mac texted each other the funniest tweets they got about the rumors. “It was like – now I’m getting married? Like no, I have a boyfriend. And [Mac] is one of my best friends! We honestly did not think it was going to be that big of a deal. But people were dying!”

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