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datmustache wrote, “Dear blog girl, I have a guy that I’m pretty close friends with. Lately though, he hangs out with me a lot to the point where it’s annoying to have him around, and even my friends are saying that he’s really annoying and that they wish he would just go away. A week or so ago, one of my friends dared me to ask out the guy I like and, he said no. My guy friend heard about it and he later told my best friend who he was also close with that he was happy the guy I liked said no because he likes me. I really don’t return those feelings and I need a good way to let him down easily so that he doesn’t hate me. Please help!”

Hey datmustache! It definitely sounds like it’s time for you to let your friend know that you only think of him as a friend. It’s possible that he thinks you really DO have feelings for him, so you need to set the record straight while making sure you don’t hurt his feelings. Try saying something like, “I think that we should talk about our feelings for one another. I know you’ve said you like me a lot but I want you to know that while I value your friendship I don’t want to be anything more than just friends.” Make him feel comfortable so that we hill talk with you and you will be able to sort things out in no time!

goguma4ever wrote, “Dear Blog Girl, I have this some questions I hope you don’t mind answering. I love wearing some heels and putting on a bit of make-up, but I’m a bit embarrassed. My friends expect me to be this girl who only wears jeans, and sneakers. I do like wearing those things, but I would also like trying on some cute heels and skirts and dresses. But I’m scared if they see me like that, they won’t be my friends anymore, what should I do? I’m even going through this time where I’m asking myself, “Should I be doing that, after all I’m just in my early teen years…” please help”

Hey goguma4ever! I’m so sorry that you are feeling embarrassed around your friends! If you truly feel uncomfortable wearing makeup and heels, then you shouldn’t feel pressured to wear them! But, if you really do want to throw on some lip gloss one day, just go for it! Your friends might notice that you are dressing differently or using makeup, but if they are true friends they will support your style! Lastly, definitely try talking to your parents if you think you might be too young to dress a certain way. Odds are they can offer great advice on the clothing and accessories that are appropriate!

Glam Godess wrote, “I really have this passion for making music. My parents supported me but ever since i got a 79 on my test, they are saying that I have to stop. but it was just a one time thing and i have the highest grades in my grade. but for some reason, they are saying that its a waste of time and if a musician is my life’s career, i will end up a mess like most celebs (ex. Lindsay Lohan) but music is my passion and its the one thing that makes me happy. What can I do?”

Hey Glam Godess! It’s so great to hear that you have found something that you are truly passionate about! I’m sorry that you might have to stop making music, but don’t stress out just yet! Have you tried having a conversation with your parents about how you can include music into your life? Draft a schedule that you can show your parents. Make sure that you include time for school and other activities and let them know you are willing to prioritize so that you don’t have to give up something that you are so passionate about!

pandawink wrote, “I have a crush, he might like me or another girl. How do I know?”

Hey panawink! I’m sorry that you are having trouble deciding if your crush likes you! The best way to find out who he likes is to simply ask him! If you don’t feel comfortable asking him yourself, try getting one of your close friends to ask him. Have your friend say something like, “Hey, I heard that you might have a crush on my friend, is this a rumor?” That way, your crush won’t know that you asked your friend to ask him!

Love Liam Payne ❤ wrote, “Dear blog girl, I just told a really big lie and my friend hates me now! She won’t even talk to me anymore what do I do!!”

Hey Love Liam Payne ❤, I’m sorry that your friend isn’t talking to you! I’m sure you are now aware of how hurtful lies can be. Your friend is probably upset and sad, so it’s important to keep this in mind when you are trying to reach out to her. If you friend won’t respond to you, try sending her a text saying that you just want to meet up so that you can apologize and talk. If the text doesn’t work you can try having someone taht you are both friends with explain the situation to her. Once you get a few minutes to speak with her let her know that you understand how upset she is, but that you really want another chance to work on your friendship because she is an important person in your life. Then, obviously, don’t tell lies in the future!