EXCLUSIVE: Q&A With King The Kid

EXCLUSIVE: Q&A With King The Kid


You probably know Ricky Ficarelli, David Michael Frank, and Jose Mostajo collectively as the band King the Kid. KTK recently released their album Start Something, which is available on iTunes! The band sat down and answered some of our favorite questions from the BOP & Tiger Beat Twitter Q&A #BOPasksKingtheKid. Check out KTK’s responses to your questions below and let us know what YOU think about Kind The Kind in the comments!

@VanessaMostajo: Would you ever date a fan?

David Michael Frank: Haha, in a way, I’d only date a fan! Music is my life and I look for a girl that is really supportive of my career and, in a way, would be my biggest fan (extra points if you can be critical too). And in turn, I’d also be her biggest support and her biggest fan.

Ricky Ficarelli: Having a relationship and being in a band at the same time isn’t easy. I’d honestly say if I were to have a girlfriend she’d have to be a fan of the band in order to support my hectic lifestyle!

Jose Mostajo: What do you consider a fan? Haha. If someone likes my music and supports what I do for a living then definitely! I think it’d be awkward to date someone that didn’t like the kind of music i wrote.

@jbgrimmiefan: What’s the weirdest gift you’ve gotten from a fan?

David Michael Frank: A small bottle of fan tears. We drank them of course.

Ricky Ficarelli: We’re currently on tour so fans have been bringing us toiletries (shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, etc…). This kinda doubles as weird yet quite helpful! Goes to show how much our fans care about us!

Jose Mostajo: I’m surprised daily. We’ve currently on tour so we get gifts daily..but what stands out to me this very second are three cookie cakes with our faces on them and the set of bunny ears in our trunk.

@danny_ficarelli: if you guys were to be chased by zombies, who’d be the first one to run ?

David Michael Frank: I think Ricky would be the first to run… and I also think he would be the first one eaten.

Ricky Ficarelli: Well zombies can’t climb… Therefore I’d encourage us to just find higher ground. Problem solved!

Jose Mostajo: Probably Ricky. I don’t think zombies run that fast though, so we should all be ok.

@ItsJess81123: Who is the most romantic out of you three? and whats the most romantic thing you’ve ever done?

David Michael Frank: I’d like to think it’s me 🙂 I’ve been in 2 long relationships and am a total girlfriend person. Haha, I don’t like being single. I really love the companionship and finding a girlfriend that is also my best friend and always there to talk. I also think i’m a pretty good bf too 🙂 One of the most romantic nights that pops into my head was a formal date on a warm summer night where the 2 of us ended up staying up all night talking and walking around and we ended up finding a high-jump pit/mat. We ended up falling asleep on the mat and waking up together to a beautiful sunrise.

Ricky Ficarelli: I’m a very relationship oriented guy. I love having a girlfriend and doing cute/romantic things! To me, it’s the little things like showing up at your house after a long day with your favorite candy or just cuddling in bed all day watching movies. As for the most romantic thing I’ve ever done… It wouldn’t be romantic of me to tell now everyone would it? =)

Jose Mostajo: Ah romance. I’ve been in one long- term relationship and i’d like to think that I was romantic throughout, however, one time before she got home from school i went to her house, bought a bouquet of red roses and made a heart and our names inside it on her bed with the petals. Then I took her out to a nice dinner and then we went home and enjoyed the rest of the night and the warm weather on her back porch swing.

@dirtyhipstur: which artists inspired you most when making the album?

David Michael Frank: Marianas Trench, The Cab, Muse and every major producer/mixing engineer I look up to.

Ricky Ficarelli: To many to name! But my top 2 favorite bands are blink-182 & All Time Low!

Jose Mostajo: I think that our individual inspirations come through our writing sessions subconsciously. We all listen to different kinds of music so most of are songs end up as melting pot of just that. Personally, I was listening to a lot of Jack’s Mannequin, Bon Iver, City and Colour, and All Time Low during those months.

@biebersaynever1: one word to describe your fans?

David Michael Frank: Loving

Ricky Ficarelli: Loving

Jose Mostajo: Heartwarmingly-considerately-beautifully-dedicated.

@Jess_Caroline_: if you could meet any musician, dead or alive, who would it be?

David Michael Frank: Ke$ha

Ricky Ficarelli: One Direction (Yes, I’m a directioner. 6 r’s)

Jose Mostajo: John Mayer. I think jamming with him would be so much fun, and i really like his outlook on life so we’d have some good conversations along the way.

@KatieRobie: what’s your favorite song besides your own?

David Michael Frank: That changes all the time, but right now… “Ever After” by Marianas Trench

Ricky Ficarelli: Blink-182 – “Reckless Abandon”

Jose Mostajo: I don’t have a favorite song! Music has such an awesome ability to elicit so many emotions and depending on what I’m looking for i’ll pick the song.

@emdev4ev: What state or country would you most like to perform in? Much love xx

David Michael Frank: Israel!

Ricky Ficarelli: I just love traveling, being on the road, and playing shows. I could easily live on tour; I just wanna see as much of the world as I can!

Jose Mostajo: I grew up moving throughout Latin America and then the U.S. so i would love to perform in Europe or Australia since I’ve never been to either.

@LexyStevens715: who’s your celebrity crush?

David Michael Frank: Lights … she totally knows though, which is going to make it awkward when we collab 🙂

Ricky Ficarelli: Mila Kunis

Jose Mostajo: Jennifer Lawrence. Didn’t know her before the Hunger Games but she stole my heart the day I saw that movie. (I read the books they’re awesome).

@aracelyyx: will you be doing a summer tour? 🙂

King The Kid: As of right now we’re a completely independent band! Everything from writing the songs to booking a tour is our responsibility. We’re trying our best to book a full US tour but we don’t ever wanna make promise until we can back it up. So maybe 😉

@fickyricarelli: how’d you come up with the band name?

King The Kid: It was in our long list of band names that we’ve been building on for a long time (with potential names such as: Meat Shampoo, The Pijama Llama, Dirty Santa, Reese Withoutherspoon, etc). But “King The Kid” was really representative of our band’s attitude during its inception. The name references self-empowerment and taking your life into your own hands and living life your own way (hence Live Like Royalty). The album title “Start Something” also follows the same theme.

p.s. Just wanted to say we love our fans <3 Are you totally obsessed with King The Kid? Which band member is YOUR favorite? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!

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