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Demi: “I’m SO Tired of Questions about Niall!”

May 3, 2013

Demi Lovato

Want to give Demi Lovato a heart attack? Just ask her if she dated One Direction hottie Niall Horan.

No, but seriously, don’t.

Rumors of a romance between Demi and Niall have swirled off and on ever since, well, ever since Niall and the rest of 1D made it big in the US, really. Demi has been pretty good about laughing off the rumors – until now. In a recent interview with MTV, she cracked on the issue, admitting that she’s sick of hearing that rumor.

“I’m so tired of that! It never happened,” Demi said. “Niall’s a really sweet guy and I definitely consider him a friend, but it’s never crossed that line… He’s a sweet kid and we have an understanding, but we’re just friends.”

Well, there you have it. Sorry, Nemi shippers – looks like this one is a no-go.

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  1. Alexis says:

    I wish they were together……

  2. Hello people she’s sick of it!! I knew it and everyone should stop wishing. Anyway, that’s an insult to even think it if she really doesn’t think of him that way. Anyway he sort of is just a kid that shouldn’t be anymore then friends with her. He might like older girls- I don’t know. But Demi is too mature for him and should be left alone about that rumor if she’s already denied it! Please listen to her people! Have some respect! If we stop talking about it on the Internet reporters won’t care to ask anymore!!

  3. Poor Demi…this has been going on for a half year! I’d be super sick of it and tell everyone to shut up now 😛

  4. roughlife says:

    Every one knows she is sick of it but it is just Nemi would be the next Jelena like when they were always together not the off and on Jelena

  5. love4taylorswift says:

    I love them both!! I wish they were together!!!!

  6. Julie says:

    If everyone keeps asking you if your dating…THEN DATE it will get fans hyped up and won’t bother you as much…We hope

  7. tori says:

    i love diemies music and she really cool and its not like i dont want them together and niall to be happy but i think it would be better if they remained friends because then mabie i would have a one pesent chance . im in love with niall

  8. Alexis says:

    I think that celebs should have known there would be rumors that would swerl around when they become famous just look at One Direction, i hear millions of rumors a day but you dont see them crying about it, they make jokes about it and laugh and go on in life. It shouldnt hold you back if YOU know its not true…Right?

  9. Diana says:

    Maybe if someone asks something about her Again, they should ask something else but not about niall!

  10. cathy balderas says:

    wharever they will never be together