Admit it, we all LOVE to take pictures of ourselves. How else would we show people on Twitter and Instagram what we are wearing, who we are with, and what we are doing??

The incredibly charming lads of our favorite boy band, One Direction, are no exception to this phenomenon, and are always posting selfies FOR DAYS.

Here’s a look back at some of the best selfies the guys of 1D have ever graced social media with!

1D’s resident king of selfies, Liam loves to act silly and childish when in front of his own camera…

[credit] Liam Payne/Twitter [/credit]


[credit] Liam Payne/Twitter [/credit]

Someone loves Photobooth…

[credit] Liam Payne/Twitter [/credit]

Even Louis is getting in on the face pinching action.

And speaking of Louis, it seems as if he never wants to take his selfies by himself.

[credit] Louis Tomlinson/Instagram [/credit]

Lou and Li are the perfect GPOY partners in crime…

[credit] Louis Tomlinson/Instagram [/credit]

Tongues out.

[credit]Instagram [/credit]

Zayn and superstar GF Perrie Edwards of Little Mix are not only taking a selfie, but they are also making some seriously epic duckfaces. Teenage girls all over the nation should be proud.

[credit] Zayn Malik/Twitter [/credit]

Peace out, bro.

Niall loves his sports, so it comes as no surprise that most of his Twitter selfies are of him, showing off in a jersey.

[credit] Niall Horan/Twitter [/credit]

Reppin’ your roots Niall! You go! But yes, we know you’re Irish…

[credit] Niall Horan/Twitter [/credit]

Nice jersey (and not to mention biceps) Niall…

[credit] Harry Styles/Instagram [/credit]

Whatcha got there Harry?

[credit] Harry Styles/Vine [/credit]

Who said selfies had to be in picture form? Harry, sure loves brushing his teeth…and taking videos of it.

And there’s nothing better than catching a member of 1D in the act of taking gratuitous pictures of themselves. We see you taking selfies over there, Harry.

[credit] Tumblr [/credit]

Show us some of your absolute fave 1D pics of all time. Comment below, or better yet, show us on Twitter!