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Name: Jackson Guthy

Where You’ve Seen Him: If you’ve been to a Big Time Rush concert recently, you’re probably familiar with this singer/songwriter. After being discovered by Ellen a few years back, Jackson has been pretty busy. You might remember him from the Music Sounds Better With U tour he was on with BTR and One Direction. Now you can catch Jackson on the awesome Summer Break Tour. He’s opening for Victoria Justice and BTR!  Jackson (who started playing the piano when he was 4 years old- how cute!) has new singles out right now and his EP “Launch” will be released later this year. Check out his new music video for “Roll” below!

Why He’s Crush-Worthy: Clearly Jackson is super cute (look at that smile!), but he’s also so talented. He writes his own songs and has been writing since he was seven. Who doesn’t love a boy that could write you a love song? And if that’s not enough, Jackson is just a 17-year-old California boy at heart. He loves to surf and skateboard. If you love Cody Simpson’s beach boy vibe, you’re definitely going to love Jackson. He’s totally sweet and totally crush-worthy!

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