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OK, remember when we told you we had a HUGE secret we were dying to tell you, but couldn’t spill the details just yet? Well, get excited because we’re about to tell you the big news right now!

Introducing… Tiger Beat Star and BOP Star!

What is it?
Tiger Beat Star and BOP star are two FREE new apps we just launched that allow you to put YOUR face on the cover of BOP or Tiger Beat magazine, next to stars like Selena Gomez, One Direction and Justin Bieber. All you have to do is download the app from the Apple iTunes Store, upload a picture of yourself and ta-dah — you’re an instant celebrity! Once you like the look of your cover, you can e-mail it to your friends, Tweet it or share it on Facebook.

Both apps come with 2 free covers to try. Then if you can’t get enough of the app, you’re in luck! For only $0.99 each, here are just a few of the cool packs you can add on:

Beauty Expert
Before you experiment on a new eye look, download this pack. See how these stars bring out their eye color with their makeup style, then try it yourself!

Quiz Mania!
Taking quizzes just got way more fun! With this pack, you can add you and your BFFs’ faces to each quiz. Pretty cool, right?

Sizzling Hot Posters
Swoon! We have super hot posters of your fave stars, like Justin Bieber, Ross Lynch and MORE!

Just for the Mahomies
We made this one specifically for our readers who are obsessed with Austin Mahone!

More Covers!
This pack includes four gotta-have-it-now covers (two more than the free version!)

Have YOU downloaded Tiger Beat Star or BOP Star? What do you think? What kinds of picture templates do YOU want to see? Tell us in the comments below.

(Psst! We’d love to see you on the cover of our magazines! E-mail your picture to leesa@tigerbeat.com.