Now we all know that blondes are rumored to have more fun, but come on now brunettes could totally win that award (or at least tie it!). It’s brunette BOP and Tiger Beat intern Nicole here and I’m going to show you 15 signs that are sure to make you believe us brunettes really have a lot of fun! And in case you missed it, be sure to check out blonde intern Emma’s case for why she believes blondes have more fun. It seems this question may never have an official answer, but we can at least have some fun fighting for our own teams in the meantime. Now it’s time to check out the signs and find out if you’re convinced that brunettes have the most fun!

15. We’re pretty funny. We know how to make others laugh and we even look cute while doing it. You can always make us giggle, Harry!

14. We have some pretty awesome dance moves. No one can stop us from showing off our fancy footwork (and arm work for that matter). You go, Lucy!

13. Brunettes truly know how to have a good time. Even in the middle of a crowd, we’re not afraid to show off our silly side. The middle of the sidewalk is the perfect place for Laura to strut her stuff.

12. We can go from goofy to serious in under five seconds. If you tell us blondes have more fun first we’ll laugh, then we’ll give you this face.

11. Fall colors are our specialty. We look especially great in greens and earth tones, but us brunettes don’t look too shabby in the summer pastel colors either. Liam seemed to be loving life as a brunette for his role of Gale in The Hunger Games.

10. Our luscious and shiny hair looks ah-mazing in the summertime sun. No need to worry about a bad hair day here.

9. Now, we love our brainy AND beautiful blonde sisters, but it is nice not having to deal with a stereotype about our hair when it comes to smarts.

8. The majority of the One Direction hotties are brunette. Sorry Niall, you may be cute, but I think you’re outnumbered on this one.

7. Look at those abs. Can you imagine anything better? Toned and brunette. Sounds like the best of both worlds, Taylor.

6. Many tried out the blonde look, but ultimately came back to their brunette roots. Demi decided to give those luscious blonde locks a try, before she decided to turn back to her better brunette side. It seems Demi feels brunettes really do have more fun.

5. We’re mysterious. Do you have something to say there, Miley?

4. Two words. Austin Mahone. Need I say more?

3. What’s not to love? We may be sassy sometimes, but that only makes us even more fun.

2. Brunette is the new blonde. These brunette beauties are taking over. Plenty of celebes are doing it, so it must be cool, right?

1. But most importantly, what is the number one all-time best reason that brunettes have more fun? We’re always smiling and having a good time! The only thing better than a brunette (or even a blonde) is a happy one!

Do YOU think brunettes have more fun? Will this age-old question ever receive a final answer? Let us know which side of the war you’re on in the comments below or on Twitter!