EXCLUSIVE: An Inside Look at Nickelodeon’s Swindle!

EXCLUSIVE: An Inside Look at Nickelodeon’s <em>Swindle</em>!

Are you getting excited for Nickelodeon’s new original movie, Swindle? Well we are! In fact, we flew all the way from Hollywood, California, to Vancouver, Canada, to check out the awesome set and hang out with the star-studded cast! Check out our exclusive Q&A with the cast below!

 Swindle tells the story ofNoah Crawford’s character Griffin being swindled out of his insanely valuable baseball card by an evil con-man. Along with a team of his classmates (played by Jennette McCurdy, Ariana Grande, Ciara Bravo, Chris O’Neal and Noah Munck), Griffin works to find the con-man and get his card back. Of course this adventure leads to heists, crazy chase scenes and hilarious costumes.  Read about the cast’s behind-the-scenes secrets below!

Q: Where were you when you found out you were casted in this?

Noah Crawford: I think I was in my room actually, and my dad came upstairs and told me. It was funny because there is another Noah on Nickelodeon, and they’ve gotten us confused a lot at events. They will have me seated with the iCarly cast and I’d be like, “I don’t think this is right.” So at first I got really excited, then I was like, “Wait, are we sure it’s not Noah Munck? Make sure because I don’t want to get excited and find out it was Noah Munck.” But then we actually found out it was me and I was thrilled. I was more excited, though, when I found out who I was going to be acting with. At first I found out, it was just me and Chris. I didn’t know anybody else, but I kind of had an idea of who should play the characters, and when I found out who they cast, I thought that was perfect!

Q: It’s awesome that you get to work with so many well known Nick stars, what’s that like?

Jennette McCurdy: It’s great because Ariana is one of my best friends. We have so much fun together, so working with her on this is awesome.  And Noah Monk of course I’ve known for 5 years, I love him to pieces.  And then the guys from How To Rock, Noah and Chris, and then Ciara from Big Time Rush; I had met them at promo shoots and things, but after this we all go see movies together, we all have board game nights where we meet up in Noah’s room. We all get along so well.

Q: What is your favorite scene you’ve filmed so far and why? 

Ciara Bravo: The wedding scene where we threw cake at each other, just because there was a big food fight. It’s always been one of my biggest dreams to have a food fight. I don’t know if that’s weird, I’ve just always wanted to have a food fight!

Q: Tell me more about the cake fights. This is the first I’ve heard of this!

Noah Crawford: There was a crazy awesome cake fight. It’s kind of toward the climax of the movie, and it’s actually at a wedding. Some things go wrong, there’s some scrambling for certain prize possession we’re all trying to get ahold of. I actually was not getting hit though, it’s actually pretty cool how we did it and you’ll have to check it out. Everybody was just covered, but I was completely clean so it was nice. It was really fun!

Q: What about any embarrassing moments or pranks on set? 

Ariana Grande:  Not too much pranking, yet. But we always crack up… it’s no good. There was one take where we were doing a running segment and Noah Crawford slipped and I caught him like a damsel in distress. It was really funny looking and we just couldn’t keep it together.

Q: So how else do the other actors make you laugh?

Jennette McCurdy: Ariana and Noah probably get me the most.  Ariana has this thing where she will touch the small of my back in the middle of a scene and just softly caress it, whenever we’re standing next to each other.  So anytime you see us in this movie, any time you see us next to each other, be aware that Ariana Grande was caressing my back.  And I have the dumbest look on my face, always. The director is like, “What are you doing?” because I have this creepy little smirk because I’m trying not to laugh.

Q: I heard  that after a long day on set, you guys all hang out afterwords. What do you guys like to do?

Chris O’Neal:  We go to Noah’s room. Noah was the smart one who brought his Xbox and DJing equipment, so we can kind of have a mini party in there. And me, who didn’t bring my Xbox, or even a laptop. Or we’ll go to a movie or something. We’re actually planning on going to like a Fright Night kind of thing. And we heard of cool stuff like this Zombie paintballing you can do out here. It’s all this random stuff, so we’re definitely looking into it. But we definitely want to get out there and take what Vancouver has to offer.

Q: Can you share a behind the scenes secret with out readers that they won’t know from watching the movie?

Ariana Grande: There is a lot of running in this movie and the running segments are all pieced together and we film each part, like each single shot like days apart, you know? So when they cut it all together, it is going to look like we are running in one straight run for like a really long time. But in reality we just run right past the camera.  But it’s so funny because every time we do one of those shots, Noah Crawford will keep running for like the longest time and it makes me laugh so hard .  We will pass the camera by a long shot, and they will be like “CUT!”

Are you excited to see Swindle?! Who’s your favorite Swindle cast member? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!


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