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In Disney XD’s Kickin’ It, Olivia Holt plays Kim, the only girl in the entire dojo. Even though people underestimate her martial arts skills because she’s a girl, Kim acts totally confident and is always able to prove them wrong. But in real life, does Olivia ever feel like she’s being excluded by the almost all-guys cast of Kickin’ It?

Olivia spilled in a recent interview that this was so not the case. The other cast members have never made her feel like she can’t be one of the guys.

“Not only are they all so talented, but they’re just all around great guys. I love working with them and couldn’t ask for a better cast,” Olivia said. “They really make my work days interesting and fun with all the jokes they tell, the pranks they pull and just the fun they love to have.”

Olivia’s not too different from her character after all! She gets along with the other boys in the show just as well as Kim gets along with the boys in the dojo.

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