Have you ever wondered if you and Selena Gomez were alike? Have you ever caught yourself daydreaming about being BFFs with her? With so much to love about Sel, we’re sure you have! She’s fun, she loves to have a good time and she’s always laughing. Take a look at the 15 signs below to see if YOU and Selena are true BFF soulmates!

15. You like to randomly break out into dance. Look at those moves, Sel!


14. You pretty much love food. I mean, what could be better than popcorn?!


13. You love lounging in the summertime sun. You always enjoy getting a nice glow and hanging by the pool.


12. You’re always cracking up and you love to make others laugh


11. When you hear the word shopping, your eyes light up


10. You know when to be sassy


9. But… You also know when to be serious


8. Your facial expressions always tell your friends what you’re thinking


7. If your teacher tells you there’s a test next week, your reaction is always:


6. You’re not afraid to show everyone your silly side


5. When you hear good news you can’t contain yourself. You just have to jump for joy!


4. You love to root for your favorite sports teams


3. You like to fantasize about being a supermodel


2. You love to blow kisses


1. When you read through all of the signs and realized you and Selena were SO similar, you were like:


So, what do you think? Would you and Sel be perfect BFFs?! Did these GIFs of Selena remind you of yourself? Let us know how similar you and Selena are in the comments below or on Twitter!