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Fifth Harmony’s EP Better Together is Out!

October 22, 2013



Its barely been a year since Fifth Harmony was rocking the stage on X Factor, but the girls have already recorded an EP album, Better Together–and it just hit stores today!

And even though it was just released, the album is already number two on the iTunes charts–and the girls cannot contain their excitement!


“This is absolutely INCREDIBLE…..sooooooo amazing….a dream. Thank you for helping make our dreams come true..love y’all more than u know!” the band’s Twitter page added.

Have you picked up 5H’s album yet? What do you think of their single “Miss Movin’ On”? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter!

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  1. Hi says:

    They aren’t even that great I don’t know why but they burn my soul they don’t seem friendly and thank you for giving some interest to the harmoniers you still have a long way to go which may take some time I hope it does. Maybe you will learn how to look like a professional but still funky cool girl group.

  2. carly says:

    Laughing at the comment from “Hi”. As a diehard Harmonizer I just find the comment funny because it doesn’t even make sense. anyway everybody is entitled to their own opinion. I love the EP. My favorite songs are Don’t Wanna Dance Alone and Me and My Girls. Love love love love Fifth Harmony!!!

  3. Rocky9870 says:

    Um “Hi” Your comment doesn’t make sence. Their songs are great and you wouldn’t even know if they were friendly. You haven’t evwn met them. So please if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all. It’s called respect. Anyway I love all their songs. The main thing I like about then is that they show that not only boys can be talented but girls too.

  4. Sam says:

    Gotta hear it!

  5. Emilykb20 says:

    No! I will! Love it!

  6. katyana says:

    WELL I don’t care what u people say cuz its what I thing and that is what u think and I LOVE them the are so cool there song miss moving on made me write a new sond and yes I have a song book but u think what u thing and I will think wat I think. SO KATY OUT!!!!!

  7. Sweetgirl101 says:

    @hi. Your comment those not make since and how would YOU know that there not nice or are nice I mean come on 😐

  8. Marlen says:

    @hi i just want to tell you that i met them in person and they are really nice talented girls and you could tell that they love their fans because they tell you so and i don’t think you should be saying anything because what you say defines who you are and what your telling us is that your a bitter hater. And if you hate them so much why are you even reading about them?

  9. Blossygirl says:

    I love Fifth Harmony, I have to hear the album!

  10. timothy says:

    I think “hi is crazy! 5th Harmony is awesome! I’m a boy and I love them! That person is just mean to say all that! I saw a judge on X-Factor say “I love her!” If you think that, keep it to yourself! They are my favorite girl band! I love the song “miss movin’ on” because of how many lyrics i could relate to, esp the night my parents lost custody of me due to child abuse! God Bless You girls love yall!

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