We love Laura Marano on Austin & Ally, but we think we may love her more in real life! From her fashionable style to her passion for helping others, check out these 15 signs that the actress would make an amazing big sis!

15. Her hair always looks super-cute! From curls to ombre coloring, Laura would be able to give you awesome hairstyling advice!


14. Speaking of beauty, how picture-perfect does she look in every interview?! From flashing her pearly whites to her flawless makeup, she could give you tips on how to look cute from head to toe everyday!


13. Of course her awesome taste in fashion would translate over to interior design! She would make your house look super festive for the holidays!


12. She doesn’t hold back when it comes to showing off her inner goof-ball! It would be tons of fun to always have someone to hangout with at home!


11. But when you’re not hanging out at home, you could hang with some of her BFFs–like Raini and Ross!


10. Not only that, but you would be able to go to the Austin & Ally set everyday! Maybe Ross will take a look your way–you never know!


9. She’s extremely passionate about helping the less fortunate. Most recently, Laura’s been helping promote UNICEF, which supports children in need! Such a great role model!


8. Since she’s an actress, she gets to travel all around the world! Have you ever visited the Empire State Building in New York City like Laura?!


7. She’s totally talented–and of course shows it off on the show! She could teach you how to play her signature instrument, the piano, or maybe even the cymbals?!


6. But for lessons on the drums, you may have to find someone else!


5. You guys could make a cool secret handshake together!


4. It looks like the star has some awesome dance moves she would be able to teach you as well!


3. And even better–you could show off your new skills at an awesome awards show that she’s invited to!


2. Growing up can be tough, and even celebs know things don’t always go the way we want them to–but we think Laura would give great advice!


1. Laura’s sweet smile is contagious! She would definitely be able to cheer you up if you were ever feeling down!


What do you guys think–would you love having Laura as a big sis? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter!

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