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Ultimate Holiday Playlist!

December 23, 2013

Tis’ the season to rock out to your fave Christmas jams! We’ve put together some of the best holiday songs this season to help get you into that jolly spirit!

First on the list is surfer cutie, Cody Simpson! Cody’s new song “Please Come Home For Christmas” can melt even the coldest heart.

It isn’t Christmas time until you’ve sung your heart out to “Santa Baby.” Check out Debby Ryan in her new music video singing the hit holiday song about the jolly man in red. She totally rocked it and brings a whole new sound to the popular Santa song.

A playlist isn’t complete without the incredible vocals of Ariana Grande! ” The Sam and Cat star totally knows how to ring in the holidays right with her cover of “Last Christmas.”

Olvia Holt can pump up even the dullest holiday party with this cover of “Winter Wonderland.” She puts a total rocker spin into the classic holiday jam. Check it out!

Flashback to Christmas past with Justin Bieber‘s “Under The Mistletoe.” After this Christmas single was released last holiday season Beliebers everywhere were hoping and wishing to have a chance under the mistletoe with the pop sensation. This music video is so sweet and sentimental it could melt the iciest of icicles! LOL

Which holiday hit is your favorite?! Let us know in the comments below and on Twitter.

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  1. selenaarianajtlouislover says:

    My fav is of course Ariana!

  2. Sara lover says:


  3. Sara lover says:

    Cody,JustinAnd Ariana all the way!!!

  4. Diana says:

    I love the songs Santa Baby and Last Christmas!

  5. erin says:

    It’s not on here, but I like Dove Cameron’s Let it Snow

  6. Selena1Dfan406 says:

    I was at Kohl’s today & Last Christmas by Ariana was playing! :) she has such a beauitiful voice, I love her! ♡☺️

  7. Lina☆ says:

    Olivian 4 LIFE!!!
    Debby&Taylor`s Santa Baby , Snowflakes/Liv are my favorites here!!
    But other than that I`m listening to everything from Taylor,The Cheetah Girls,Cimorelli`s Christmas Album & Disney`s Holidays Unwrapped!!!

  8. Katelyn says:

    Ariana Grande’s version of last Christmas is awful. No one should ever do a cover of a classic song. Wham and George Michael should be the only one’s to do the song since they are the original singers and songwriters!

  9. Emilykb20 says:

    Misletoe, last Christmas, santa baby &winter wonderland

  10. Sam says:

    I love Mistletoe!!!

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